What We Do

With unmatched knowledge and insight of the Southern and Central Nevada markets, GKT Group connects businesses with the most sought-after land and highest earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

GKT Group works with clients throughout Southern and Central Nevada, including all sectors from the government to large corporations, small businesses, healthcare, gaming and more.

Yes, GKT Group specializes in land assemblage and brokerage for buyers and sellers.

A commercial real estate broker connects property sellers with property buyers. GKT Group’s large network of individuals and firms connects our clients to potential buyers and sellers.

Hiring a commercial real estate broker saves time and money. GKT Group’s unmatched knowledge of the Southern and Central Nevada market gives its clients valuable advantages distinguishing us from other brokerages. We have not only established personal relationships with the buyers and sellers operating in the region, but also know the value of each prospective transaction, making it easier to negotiate deals optimally suited to your company’s needs.

GKT Group offers niche expertise, exclusively focused on land acquisition and sales in Southern and Central Nevada. Working in commercial real estate for more than two decades, our team maintains longstanding relationships and expert knowledge of the market.

It can vary, but it typically takes between six to 12 months, depending upon the parties’ motivation.